If You're a Middle-Aged Woman, 
I'd love to Ask You Some Questions:
Have you bought into the idea that as you increase in years, you decrease in value? 
That as you grow older, you have less capacity, relevance, potential, energy, beauty, or sex appeal?

Ever think it may be too late? 
Too late to land that big job, play that new sport, take on that physical challenge, 
explore your artistic side, travel the globe, start a business, meet the love of your life... change the world?

Because if so, I'm afraid you've bought into a lie. 
It's a nasty one, for sure. But it's a lie women hear every day.

What if I told you that the opposite was actually true? 
That midlife, for women, is PRIME TIME.
That in midlife, you have the experience, wisdom, insight, judgment,  and POWER to put on your best show for your widest audience.

What if I told you that 7 days from now, you could stop believing those lies, 
and be ready for the biggest role of your life?

Would you give it a try?
Welcome to the 7-Day Revolution
Turn Your Midlife into PrimeTime
From Desperation to Inspiration
For 25 years, I was a successful marketer, brand strategist, and agency owner...
Until, at 48 years old, 
I found myself overwhelmed by hormonal emotions, 
anxious about changes in my body, 
bored by a career I no longer loved, 
insecure about my age in a fiercely competitive market, 
desperate over the thought of losing my teenage son, 
aching to do something new and significant 
...and utterly unsure of how to begin again.

Until the day my son's junior high principal called me out.
He told me I was overly involved in my teenager's life, 
and dissatisfied in my own. 
He challenged me to do something that terrified me. 
And sent me off on a journey.

I spoke to hundreds of middle-aged women in research for my book: 
Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis—
The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime. 

And I discovered something astounding. 
Every woman I met believed the same lie: 
that as we grow older, we decrease in value. 
That we are worth less simply because we’ve lived more.  

But my research proved just the opposite. 
At middle age we have more 
creative capacity, ability, and power than ever. 
The only things that stand in our way 
are the lies we believe and the voices in our heads.

Won't you join me in the biggest brand project ever: 
re-branding middle age for women? 
I'm talking about a revolution. 
One where YOU define the next 30 - 40 years of your life.

I'm talking about PrimeTime, Baby. And you're the star.
Welcome to the 7-Day Revolution
Turn Your Midlife into PrimeTime
Early-Bird Price: $47
7 Days: The Lies, the Truth, the Transformation
Day 1: The Lie of Impropriety
  • ​ What do you believe you're too much or too little of? And how is your self-talk limiting your possibilities?
Day 2: The Lie of the Empty Hourglass
  • What dreams have you set aside? And how are your actions disconnected from your desires?
Day 3: The Lie of Extenuating Circumstances
  • Where are you self-sabotaging? And what circumstances are you holding responsible for your success or failure?
Day 4: The Lie of Noble Selflessness
  • Where are you afraid of letting down? Who do you need to forgive? And what do you need to let go, in order to get what you want?
Day 5: The Lie of Diminishing Capacity
  • What are you so fearful you're running out of? And what are you open to trying?
Day 6: The Lie of Irrelevance
  • What's your story around your worth? And how can you shift the story so it serves you in PrimeTime?
  • 90 Minutes of Truth and Transformation: Transform your mindset about what's POSSIBLE for you.
  • Courage and Clarity: Get crystal clear on what you want in the second half of life, and how to step over fear to get it.
  • Boundaries and Breakthroughs: Learn how to say what you want & pursue what you want without apology, guilt, or the need to explain.
  • Step Back Into Sexy: Understand what makes you sexy... and how to turn it on and hold onto it regardless of age.
Welcome to the 7-Day Revolution
Turn Your Midlife into PrimeTime
Early-Bird Price: $47
This Is What You'll Get
Reading for the Revolution
-Autographed copy of Hot Flashes, Carpools, and  Dirty Martinis--The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife into PrimeTime
-Digital download of the Practical PrimeTime Workbook
6 Days of Video Content
I don't use the word "revolution" lightly. If you want to rock your own PrimeTime--if you want to be a star, and KNOW that you're a star--you're going to have to push back. Against the things society would have you believe. Against the voice in your own head that tells you trying is too risky. Against people in your life who may not be eager for you to change. Against your old stories and behaviors.

Imagine how much easier it will be to push back when you understand the lies the world tells us--and the truth that sets you free. Imagine how easier it will be to get what you want, when you're clear about what's standing in your way.

Each day for 7 days, I'll give you a video lesson in owning PrimeTime. And each week, I'll challenge you to complete an assignment that will open your eyes to your potential--and your blocks--and maybe even push you out of your comfort zone.
The Workshop
On day 7, you'll take all that you've learned in the previous six days, and apply it... to get crystal clear on what you WANT for your PrimeTime. This is not for the faint of heart; we're talking about shit that stirs the soul, here. You'll walk away from this workshop-style video with a destination for your truest desires in midlife... and a roadmap for how to reach them. 
Amazing PrimeTime Co-Stars
Everything's easier with help. And most things are more fun when we do them with friends. The best part about the 7-Day Revolution is the group of PrimeTime women who will be lifting you up and crashing through norms right alongside you.

As soon as you sign up, you'll  become part of the PrimeTime Posse. Where you can share your dreams and goals and fears and frustrations. Where you can connect with PrimeTime women and build lasting friendships. Where you can tell the truth with other women who see the lies, and call bullsh*&.
Private Membership Site
Each day's video lesson and homework will be available inside a private members-only website. So there's no "behind" in the revolution. Do the work on your terms, in your time, in your favorite space. And you can return to the lessons long after our 7 days together have ended.
This Is What You'll Create
Clarity.  Get crystal clear on what you want in PrimeTime

Awareness.  Spot a lie about aging when you see one 

Self-Awareness.  Check your damaging self-talk

Vision.  Perfectly picture what success looks like for you

Tool-Kit.  Step through fear and over insecurities

Friendships.  Lock arms with other PrimeTime women

Power and Courage.  To go out and get what you want

All without apology, guilt, or the need to explain.
Welcome to the 7-Day Revolution
Turn Your Midlife into PrimeTime
Early-Bird Price: $47
Meet Your Hostess
Juju Hook is an author, speaker, consultant, and coach. She's created brands for corporations of all sizes, and led hundreds of female entrepreneurs through finding their own "juju" and building stand-out brands with messages that connect. 

Juju's training and experience is diverse and rich... Undergrad in writing, MBA, 10 years as a corporate exec, 15 years as a successful entrepreneur, certifications in coaching and yoga, and deep-dive training in digital marketing. She's run three marathons, a whole bunch of half-marathons, and even an Ironman 70.3.

Happily married after 20 years, Juju has navigated the midlife minefields of raising a teen, losing both parents, coming to grips with the beauty of menopause, and successfully launching a new career--both online and on stage. Juju is a master of reinvention, the consummate cheerleader, and 100% no-bullshit.
And Get Your Signed Copy of her Rule-Book for PrimeTime
What People Are Saying
“If you’ve lost your lust for life, Juju will show you why, and what to do about it. This is a great and inspiring read. You can thank me later!”
--Cynthia Correa, RockingOver40.com

“Thank you, Juju Hook for lending the perfect voice to moms in midlife. It isn't easy out here for those of us still rockin' along as the world starts ignoring us, labeling us as past our prime. Highly recommend!!!!!”
Mary Rogers, Experience50.com and Experience 50 Podcast

“Witty, insightful, and life-changing.”
Barbara Younger, FriendForTheRide.com

“Juju "hooks" us with humor, Mad Girl Metaphors, and unforgettable life lessons. As a student of personal development, she had me belly-laughing my way through crazy awesome stories, hard-wiring my brain with the 'truisms' we normally need to hear time and again. Her style is deeply authentic, teaching us 'the being' and 'the doing'... vulnerable, vivacious, deeply poignant... what a PRICELESS GIFT!” 
-Susan Mazonson, Midlife Cafe--Real Conversations that Matter

“This book is a treasure. Not only is it uproariously funny, Juju offers brilliant suggestions for making this the best time of your life.”
Lynette Shepperd, MenopauseGoddessBlog.com

“You'll laugh, cry and get fired up -- sometimes all on the same page! Seriously, I thought I was alone feeling lost after my kids left home. Where did I fit in? How was I going to handle my marriage and my career? Why the h*ll were there still dirty dishes in the sink?! This book not only entertains, it gives practical ways to reinvent and turn boring old middle age into PRIME TIME! Get this book for every woman you know.”
Julie Eason, author of The Profitable Business Author

“Hilarious and empowering.”
Natasha Hazlett, author of Unstoppable Influence

About the Book
A hilarious and irreverent ride through the escapades of midlife women, Hot Flashes, Carpools and Dirty Martinis—
The Quintessential Guide for Turning Midlife Into PrimeTime is a battle cry for women who’ve come to dread getting older. And a treatise on why middle age should be the time of their lives.

By uncovering six pervasive lies that midlife women have been taught to believe, and three illogical equations that keep them stuck in non-action, this book serves as both eye-opener catalyst for every middle-aged woman who has put her dreams on hold. It’s an emotional and entertaining look at why so many woman are content to wind down at this age—and how not to be one of them.
Frequently Asked Questions

You should have your book in-hand within 14 days of ordering. We do have a limited amount of inventory on-hand, so there may be times when delivery takes longer. When you enroll, you'll receive an email to download the first two chapters instantly, so you can hit the ground running.

Also included in the enrollment email will be a link to the Facebook group with full instructions. The PrimeTime Posse is private. Anything you post there will remain there and will not be seen on your timeline or outside the group. The group is designed for support and friendship. It's a safe place to share, and a great place to make friends.

Absolutely! The more the merrier. 

The Revolution is designed to be easy on your schedule. You'll get a video lesson each day--no more than 15 minutes. And I'll also give you an assignment to complete. Most of these assignments are thought assignments or conversations. They're about inviting yourself to see things differently. If you set aside a half hour to 45 minutes per day, you'll have plenty of time. And if you want to spend more time in the Facebook group, more power to ya!!

Welcome to the 7-Day Revolution
Turn Your Midlife into PrimeTime
Early-Bird Price: $47
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